rioja house salad  |  arugula, dates, gorgonzola, almond vinaigrette  |  9.00

roasted beet salad  |  Colorado golden beet, red beet, honey crisp apple, mustard green, soy-ginger glazed shiitake, sesame cracker, cashew butter |  11.00

crispy pan-fried veal sweetbreads  |  eggplant XO sauce, crispy tofu, Colorado plums, fermented chili broth, tempura nira chive  |  14.00

umami shiitake soup  |  pork ramen broth, roasted carrot, nira chive, snow pea, chili oil, cilantro, handmade short rib dumplings  |  12.00

bluefin tuna crudo  |  harpoon caught Atlantic bluefin, compressed watermelon, shiso, togarashi, kimchi crisps  |  16.00

fresh bacon,  |  pork belly, cardamom, curried garbanzo bean purée   |  10.00

rioja “picnic”  |  artisan meats, warm pine nut crusted goat cheese, gorgonzola, olives, fennel salad, orange confit, almonds   |  20.00


•chef jen's hand made pastas•

pastas are available as an entrée or an appetizer course

ricotta gnocchi  |  chanterelle wild mushroom ragout, “Smokin’ Goat” cheese fonduta, garlic chips, dill –torn herb salad  |  24.00  /  12.50

artichoke tortelloni  |  artichoke-goat cheese mousse, white truffle brodo, queso de mano, chervil   |  20.00  / 12.50

farro verde tagliatelle  |  artichoke heart tapenade, castelvetrano olives, sundried tomatoes, summer squash and ricotta  |  18.00 /  9.00



vegetarian four squares  |  a tasting of four seasonal dishes   |  20.00

sausage stuffed quail  |  Anson Mills farro verde, rye berry risotto, Manchego cheese, sunflower seeds, fennel pollen-grape-parsley salad  |  29.00

grilled Spanish octopus  |  smoked paprika potato salad, artichoke hearts, capers, olives, tomato coriander broth  |  26.00

hoisin braised boneless short rib  |  grilled kimchi bok choy, scallion-ginger-cream cheese wontons, plum compote  |  35.00

seared bluefin tuna  |  eggplant-pomegranate caponata, pine nuts, squash. Oil-cured olive red verjus purée, confit lemon, crispy squash blossom  |  35.00

10 oz. grilled Colorado lamb t-bones  |  Anson Mills ancient grain salad with black mission figs, pistachio dukkah, grapes, and mustard greens, herb pistou, fig gastrique, whipped yogurt  |  39.00

seared Georges Banks scallops  |  Rock Ford cantaloupe coulis, charred kabayaki gailon, tempura avocado, Korean chili flake   |  35.00

Amish natural chicken  |  cauliflower gratin, frisée-herb salad, tarragon-brandy jus  |  30.00



Rioja is committed to leading the hospitality industry in seafood sustainability, protecting our global seafood supply, by being ranked as a SmartCatch Leader by the James Beard Foundation - an achievement of only 100 restaurants in the country.


•tasting menus available, please inquire with your server•

*these items may be served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients.
   consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness


executive chef – gabe wyman

 sous chef team – fausto vasquez, quinn polsinelli