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happy hour

every day from 2:30-5 in the bar/lounge

chips & dips  |  artichoke mousse, whipped goat cheese, black garlic cream. house made potato chips   |  7.00

tempura shishitos  |  kabayaki, Korean chili flake   |  9.00

sweet and salty nuts  |  4.00

marinated olive boat   |  5.00

rioja “picnic”  |  artisan meats, marinated sheep-goat feta, Gorgonzola, olives, fennel salad, orange confit, almonds  |  20.00

rioja house salad | arugula, dates, gorgonzola, almond vinaigrette  |  9.00

roasted beet salad | Colorado golden beet, red beet, honey crisp apple, spicy mixed greens, soy-ginger glazed shiitake, sesame cracker, cashew butter  |  11.00

artichoke tortelloni | artichoke-goat cheese mousse, white truffle brodo, quest de mano, chervil  | full 20.00  half 12.50

Gabe’s chronic chicken salad sandwich | chile marinated grilled chicken salad includes chronic bacon, curry aioli, radicchio, celery, candied cashews, mixed greens on focaccia  |  14.50


happy hour libations


vino  |  $6


WHITE: Raywood Chardonnay
RED: Protocolo Tempranillo


beer  |  $4

Red Ale



cocktails  |  $8

Red or White Sangria  | rioja’s seasonal recipe

Sweet & Smoky  | mezcal, Mata Blanco vermouth, lime juice, fig-thyme simple syrup

Lemongrass Old Fashioned  |  rye, Cynar, lemongrass honey, sweet vermouth



tequila, ancho chile liqueur, orange curacao, lime juice and pineapple simple syruptequila, ancho chile liqueur, orange curacao, lime juice and pineapple simple syruprioja cocktails

lemongrass old fashioned  |  rye, Cynar, lemongrass honey, sweet vermouth  |  16.0

dill pisco sour  |  dill infused pisco, Green Chartreuse, lime juice, Chareau Aloe Liqueur   |  16.0

solstice sunrise vodka, Campari, crème de cassis, lemon juice, blood orange-hibiscus compote  |  15.0

pineapple daisy  |  tequila, Ancho chile liqueur, orange curacao, lime juice, pineapple simple syrup  |  16.0

lion’s tail bourbon, allspice dram, lime juice, sage simple syrup, bitters  |  15.0

red or white sangria  |  rioja’s seasonal recipe  |  13.5

Please alert your server if you have allergies as not all ingredients are listed on the menu

beer and cider

Daura Damm Lager  |  7.5

Great Divide Strawberry-Rhubarb Sour Ale  |  9.0

Odell Mountain Standard IPA  |  9.0

Lone Tree Brewing Co. Irish-Style Red Ale  |  8.0

Left hand Bewing Co. Milk Stout Nitro  |  9.0

Snow Capped Sour Cherry Cider  |  8.5

Kaliber Non-Alcoholic Beer  |  6.0

seriously good n/a*

fig-thyme spritz fig-thyme simple syrup, lime juice, soda  |  6.0

pineapple-basil soda pineapple simple syrup, lime juice, basil, bitters, soda & Sprite  |  6.0

*contains less than 0.5% alcohol

See our wine list here